President Trump also known as:


Trumpf; Trumph; Jew-dick sucker-in-chief; Never met a jew he didn’t blow; Mr. Mexico-will-pay-for-the-wall; Mr. We’ve lost trillions in the Middle East but blows jew dick like there’s no tomorrow; Mr. Tax Cuts for the Adelson’s of the world; Amazon pays zero taxes; Dumph; Drumpf; No prosecution of Hilda-beast; Mr. Let’s Antifa run wild; Mr. Let’s start a war vs Iran because that will prove my love for jew dick…ADD YOUR OWN:


This will be hard to out do.


Zion Dion, Neocon Don, Amnesty Don or just plain old Dronald Blormp.


Already on the list. But your other two bring the total to 411.


My fave is: Chumpf. There’s talk of him dropping out after his one term of serving the kikes.