President Kushner to quietly increase legal immigration


When you thought Trump might give us a Jew but the Jew was Herr Miller, instead this prepubescent fuck was the chosen one.


this is why i didn’t vote for Trump. in fact i stopped voting because i hate them all but i KNEW that Trump was a Goyim jew-pawn.

“The president must remember that he was elected to implement an immigration system that serves national interests, not business interests,” said RJ Hauman, government relations director at the Federation for American Immigration Reform, whose president attended a meeting with Kushner. “A plan to increase overall immigration is nothing more than a handout to businesses so they don’t have to compete for American workers and raise wages.”


I voted for him with the hope he’d crash the machine, or muck it up enough that it would become less functional for a time to give us chance to orgazine. Also for the laughs and better than her.

Can’t imagine we’d be better of with Hillary so I don’t regret the vote with the reasons I had, but those who believed in him as a warrior for us, can’t speak for them.


i don’t blame anyone for voting for The Orange Goon but i knew he couldn’t be trusted. my conscience is clear…