Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like


That’s messed up Clancy.


What is?


Well that one is better, any band using Marshall jcm800s can’t be all bad.

First one seemed satanic.


What’s not to like about these gals! Reverb, fuzz, echo, and some tough sounding girls. I did an internet search on this group and the tall one looks like my wife and the short one my ex wife!!!


Watch at 0:33…




A perennial favorite of mine!




Why I didn’t post this one a long time ago is beyond me. If we lived in a rationally run society,John Prine would be declared a National Treasure,and Miley Cyrus would be in a pillory.



Never knew that but I guess he looks it… I met him back in the 90’s!!!





LZ didn’t do any more press interviews or TV performances after the spring of '69, so this is indeed a rare treat! I like how those Danish teenagers in the studio are so quiet and well-behaved, just digging the music without acting like unruly jerks.


Had to have my headphones at 11 for that one bro. Great band. You know how LZ they got there name? Trivia time.



Two theories on the origin of the name Led Zeppelin: One is that it’s based on the expression “lead balloon”, which Keith Moon used to describe Jimmy Page’s efforts to form a new band, as in it’s going over like a lead balloon; The second theory is that the name was inspired by Iron Butterfly, which enjoyed a great deal of popularity in 1968 with their 17 minute long hit “In a gadda da vida”.