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Spanish Rock (from Spain, not Latin America) is pretty cool.



@Baixer Wasn’t Franco still ruling Spain at that time? Did pop bands have to be approved by the authorities? Brazillian tropicalia music was also popular in those days. Like Spain they too had a right-wing military government.


I’m sure that a lot of LPs had to go through a censoring process before being released to the public. The LPs couldn’t show any criticism against the government and/or the catholic church, and any immorality as such (including sexual one). And a lot of that “avant-garde” Rock being as jewish as it is was censored because sexual immorality, blasphemy or pinko propaganda; a lot of butthurt people cry about it, yet it was a lot of good to Spanish society this censure.



Cool stuff from early 80’s


@RayLuca I like how those punk and new wave bands of the late 70s and early 80s were a repudiation of the suede and denim soft rock of the early to mid 70s. Every new generation should
angrily denounce the one that came before it.






I did some research on this performance and it was actually 1980. One of the founding band members was gone by this time.


Wheeler Walker Jr., AKA Benjamin Isaac Hoffman, goyim

When someone showed this to me the other day i immediately said- “sounds pretty jooish”…and
Imagine my shock when i looked him up on wiki

The info on his brother says they are jews