Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like


Ginger Baker from Cream was noteworthy as well as Mitch Mitchell the drummer for Hendrix.
If you like drumming this girl is amazing.


Yeah, rumor has it that Bonham privately admired Baker rather a lot. And from what I’ve seen of him he was very good, although stylistically the two are quite different.
I posted the same over at the Stormer and some guy came back saying Rich was jewish, and he’s right! That was a not-so-nice surprise.


Not following… who is Jewish?


Buddy Rich was jewish.
From wiki:
Rich was born in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York, to Jewish-American parents Bess Skolnik and Robert Rich, both vaudevillians. As a kid, when he was at a restaurant with his parents, he used the knife and fork as drum sticks.


Agreed, but have you ever had to play with a incompetent bass player?



@MarkieBoy I read that Carmine Appice, the drummer for Cactus, the Jeff Beck Group and Vanilla Fudge, was a big fan of Bonham’s and once asked him how he learned to play the way he did. “I learned by listening to you!” Bonham replied.




Thanks for the reply. I think i do understand you a little better now.
After all you seem to be a reasonable guy, and i’m quite sure you are not a mossad-troll :wink:
Personally i have no problem with you, and i never had. Some of your posts just didn’t make sense to me.
Once i expected to find more alternative, pro-white stuff here. Not the typical mainstream plastic music.
But as long as i’m not forced to listen to it, i’m OK with it. Only some nigger-videos and some KISS-Juden stuff are very painful and barely tolerable. The preview pictures alone are very disgusting. Maybe you should be more careful with your posts in the future.
Apart from that i can agree with you in most points. Music is very important for me too. It helps me through the day and makes life more bearable. I also prefer the stuff from the 80s…
And i really like this thread. It should not be deleted. And no one should dare to gas you. We should be more kind to each other. We are civilized white people. We are Nazis, and not chimpanzees.



@strumfuehrer78 I will not be kind to anyone who is as annoying and inconsiderate as “Pelican”.


I will post more alternative, pro-White stuff if I find more like that.

I believe Adolf and the Germans of the time called themselves National Socialists. The only Nazis I know of are the Ashkenazi Jews… Can’t spell “Ashkenazi” without “Nazi”.

I also agree with you on some points. We should be more kind to each other.

I don’t use the “N-word” like you do. I stand with anyone of any other race who speaks the truth about Jewish Supremacism. I even respect Jews like Bobby Fischer and Benjamin H. Freedman who spoke the truth.

And yes, I do like some Black music. I love that Michael Jackson named the Jew. Bobby Fischer once said that Jews had Michael Jackson killed.


Not that big a fan of this band, but I love this song.



Someone said: “I always felt bad for the song that had to come after this one on the radio.”




This song is really a masterpiece and one of my all time favorites


Another 50th anniversary to observe - the somewhat mysterious death of Brian Jones at the age of 27.