Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like




Pretty sure her notes could move megalithic stones. On a side note, wiki does not mention our goth goddesses heritage. Feel free to dig. I am going to guess jewy based on her hair and the way she sucks your soul into her.


Her husband is a therapist from NY they are probably crypto jews.






@Pelican You should be kicked off this site for your annoying, obnoxious faggotry.


He posted kiss songs. Besides the obvious, I consider kiss to be thee worst rock band of all time. Their music was for people with the attention span of a gnat. Fuck them & fuck any children the band had.
Ahhhhhh…just…wunna…lower my T all night…and help destroy my whole race…ahhhhhh


Even when there is not a Jew in the band, there are Jewish fingerprints all over most of the music that we listen to. Haven’t you figured that out yet? They’ve controlled the music industry for a lot longer than you think.

I saw this comment on 4chan yesterday:

“If you want a record deal, it helps to have at least 1 Jewish member. It helps to also pretend to be ‘Satanic’ or push some leftist drivel. American record execs love that sh-t.”


The only band worse than KISS is twisted sister. And now dee Snyder hosts a shitty radio segment called monsters of rock where he plays shitty hair bands of the faggoty 80s.



It is evident that the jews are dominating the music industry since the very beginning in the 1920s and 1930s. This is nothing new.
So you don’t have to post all this annoying crap anymore to prove that…

As i know, you once created this thread. That was a really good idea and i like it a lot. I’m also still Pro-Pelican and i don’t think you should be banned, gassed, or whatever…
But please tell me sir, why do you post so much of this common crap? What is your intention?
I still don’t get it.


This is some new stuff from the Norwegian band Darkthrone. These guys are cool as fuck. There is definitely NO jew involved in this!!


Thanks. I didn’t really feel like getting gassed or stabbed in the face or anything along those lines.

I wouldn’t call a lot of these songs ‘common crap.’

My intention? I guess I post for different reasons… For fun, mostly. We all have our personal tastes but I hope other people get something from some of the songs that caught my attention. Maybe it’s something they’ve never heard before or a good one they may have forgotten about. A remix, a live version, or a good cover can bring a song back to life.

Music can definitely change your mood for the better, even songs that are melancholy. It can be a way to cope with life’s challenges. It can make you remember a different time in your life, or a different time in our shared history. I post a lot of stuff from the 80s, maybe because it was a better reality than what we’re experiencing now.

It’s not just about me. Anyone can post a video, and more people should. If this music thread is a problem, it can be deleted. I’m okay with that.

It probably can’t be stated enough that many of the songs we hear are full of toxic messages. Songs I’ve heard a million times sound different to me now that I’m Jew-wise.



@Baixer They sounded a bit like Steely Dan.



Anyone who thinks “Bonham is the greatest!” should watch this dude.