Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like


Are you more of a Michael Bolton fan? Here you go…


It’s Mrs but most music now sounds like crap. The musical equivalent to macaroni art. I listen to alot of old industrial stuff.


Pelican needs to stop irony posting. Swear to our Reich, I will show up at his house playing Slayer on a boom box 1980’s style.





I played this to my cat and now he’s a fucking Tiger.


@BasedBemidji I like RATM but their “rage” is manufactured, not genuine.


Rage is a bunch of commies but they did speak out against the war against Serbia. They put on a great show! Saw them in Aragon Brawlroom in the late 90’s Evil Empire tour. Girls against Boys opened and they fucking sucked.


“Godzilla, pure motherfucking filler. Get your eyes on real killer”. Zach de la Rocha trolled a Sony Movie and got it on the Godzilla soundtrack. Giving them a Day of the Rope Pass.


I used to listen to RATM when I was a kid before I knew anything. Now I know about how the world works but I still like the sound and energy. Tom is one of my favorite guitarists. His solo’s are truly amazing.



Father of mine is ok. California alt-rock was not my thing. I liked that song by the alleged rocket scientist, “You got to keep 'em segregated” Offspring I think.


Tom Morello is easily my favorite mullato communist guitar player. Like myself, born in Chicago suburbs.


Speaking of the offspring it was my very first CD





@Reichprinzess speaking of mullato guitarists slash I still prefer Tom btw