Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like




Glad I could make you laugh. It’s good to laugh, especially in these dark times.

How many Jews can you count in this VH video?


Post more nigger music Kris Krossed faggot nigger lover, please.



All non-Jews need to stick together on some levels. We all have everything to lose.

“The non-Jew is an animal in human form, condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” – Jewish book, the Talmud

“Murdering non-Jews is like killing wild animals.” – Jewish book, the Talmud

“If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will, as it did millions of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf


Nigger pusher, fuck you
aint my blood
god damn friend
to the baboon
white trash loving nigger coon
bash your mom
bash your mom
like it’s high

nigger loving white
needs to get knifed
in his guts
up his nuts
nigger loving white
nigger loving white
nigger loving whire
to steal my tune
cuz im doing 30
for wasting
a white gone dirty

he aint got a thing to say
though the day before
he stood outside his door
runnin’ his mouth
a self-hating white
runnin’ his mouth
shitting on mine

but he never understood
never could
we’ve gone past time


How about some Kenny Rogers …



I get inspired
by all and every thing
that is the beauty
of being white

fuck my friend
if you could see
what’s in view
of my blue eyes
you’d fucking come to

it’s us brother
against all these other men
who come to take what
who come to take what
is ours
what we’ve made so

feeling friendly feeling turned around
when the world’s gone and twisted
all the way upside down
wanted piece and dream
got instead a death
i had not planned
i had not planned
but god damn
if I’ll surrender
all in my hand
to those
invading my homeland
my homeland










((( Beastie Boys )))