Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like



I actually worked with a radiohead fan who didnt have that cd. I moved my beer of that coaster and let him have it. Fake Plastic Trees is ok if I need to cry in order to get dust or a bug out of my eye.



Big industrial rock fan, any NatSoc bands in that genre? Otherwise I will have to create a whignat KMFDM cover band


Unfortunately, I don’t know much about NatSoc bands. We need to find some and start some. Almost all music and movies we hear and see are jewed.


I cant stand the bands on “rock against communism” they sound to punk for me. I like Saga’s cover of Snow Fall but it’s a sad song. I want a Juke Joint Jezebel upbeat song inspiring our young against globalists!


Hanzel und Gretyl makes cool songs but deny any NSDAP connection. Met those goys, cool people. NYers. Check 'em out


This is the band you’re talking about??? Yikes! I’ll just keep posting the crap I’ve been posting.


Best moment of H&G show was standing outside for a smoke wearing a shirt that said, "heil hizzle my nizzle/#1 in Deutschland " on the south side of Chicago.


What is your opinion of them?


Ask me later.


Eww, why? Eminem’s best song is “bad influence”. Off the soundtrack of something Schwarzenegger movie.


banks, news media, politics, hollywood, music, academia, everything = jewed


Lol, i have that cd. Eminem is a whigger but made fun music before the current year.


Stupid video won’t play. I really want to hear her work with Trent Reznor.


Slowtime feelz for working the brush…

Changing it up to take care of business!


i remember one the band members was a jew who played a huwite supremacist on some kiked out talmudvision show about prison called “Oz”.