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Tribute to Nirvana


Dark ambient I created


Finally some new stuff from Gigi (singer of “Stahlgewitter”)

Bürgerkrieg (civil war)



Hey Edgecel. What the fuck is wrong with you?? :roll_eyes: Snap out of it man!
Reiss dich mal zusammen!

Don’t be a pussy anymore! Be a War Machine! :wink:








Flyer. They’re from Croatia.

I hope this works. I gave up posting in this thread because all I ever got was a “video not available” message.



interesting choice of movies that they chose to make this video with…
Georges Méliès‘s 1902 film A Trip to the Moon, is a take from the 1865 novel written by Jules Verne titled “From the Earth to the Moon”.
Nobody has ever been to the moon, they’ve been making this crap up for over 100 yrs now in movies.
Keep in mind this is one of the first movies ever made.
Interesting topic that was chosen to make one of the first movies ever made, seeing how we all know that movies are made/designed to indoctrinate people and warp their minds.


I think we did land on the moon but there wasn’t any way back once we landed. The real first man on the moon died there. The video of Neil was done in a Hollywood studio by Kubrick.




that is an interesting thought, i never even pondered that!