Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like


oh shit…thats weird , where are you?


Bemidji Minnesotastan Former USA now USSA


Misfits have a (((Ramones))) sound. I like it. Grunge was truly a white expression to (((classic rock))).


that is weird, i cannot understand why it has blocked you


I can listen to most but not white hot takes


Praise God and pass the bullets. God helps those who help themselves. We ARE his image so one could say we are God’s shadow and have some of his gifts.


Like change and betterment and above all foresight


Nogs can’t see consequences of anything but I know what would happen if I did something I regret. Consequences.



Richard Spencer look a like




This is how we rise up heavy as a hurricane louder than a freight train. This is our world (((they))) can never have it. It’s our resistance (((they))) can’t resist us.


Sorry for all the edits I’ve had a few tonight. Looking for the sunshine and I’ve got my whiskey.


So, not Jewish according to Hitler.


@Pelican. Where is the music bro?



Some new stuff from Unleashed. These 4 Swedes still got their balls!! :+1:


Merry christmas to you all, from the mutilated Reich…