Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like


(((Chuck Schuldiner)))



LOL “Jew or Not Jew: Lars Ulrich” that’s one of the least Jewy faces I’ve ever seen. I mean just look at that cute, high, tiny lil’ nose. Not a Jew. LOL @ dumbass.


Cool music that others may not have heard of yet:

DJ Tiesto, first 9 albums. Silence 2000 (track on Techno & Trance Volume 7) is especially good. Yeah, I kno he just assembled these albums, but they’re good.

Oh, Stranger by Raveonettes
Evil Ways by Blues Saraceno
Revival by Neil Davidge
“Closer” and “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon
Mass Effect 1-3 OSTs
Deus Ex Human Revolution OST
Tron Legacy OST (much better than the movie)
Up In Flames by Ruelle
Stranger Things S2 OST
X-COM Enemy Unknown OST

Lots of electronic yeah, but IME that’s where to find the stuff that A I like and B nobody’s ever heard of.


Lars Ulrich

Ulrich was born into an upper-middle-class family[4] in Gentofte, Denmark;[4][5] the son of Lone (née Sylvester-Hvid) and professional tennis player Torben Ulrich.[6] His paternal grandfather was professional tennis player Einer Ulrich. His paternal grandmother, Ulla Meyer, was from a Jewish family


In the words of AJ they chop off their Noble beaks.


This is an awesome rendition of a great song. Why can’t they play stuff like this on the radio? Maybe on Sirius XM?


I don’t know if I posted this or just thought about it


I saw them at Moondance a few years back


Lzzy is awesome!
I have always liked Halestorm!








Jew tube block, any other site or link?



what do you mean…?


I can’t click on the vid Jewtube won’t allow