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James Hetfield Interview


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At the end of the Yardbirds’ career both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were in the band. Too bad they couldn’t have stayed together a while longer with that line-up. Page was the last guy to leave the band, which meant he was saddled with the obligation of fulfilling a number of Yardbirds shows in Scandinavia. To that end he had to form The New Yardbirds, which soon became known as Led Zeppelin.


David Berkowitz motivation was because his mommy abandoned him(who can blame her) and so he killed a bunch of people. Satan turning into a black dog and talking to him shit was nothing but a gimmick.


You know more about the Yardbirds than I do …


satan turning into a black dog


When I’m not busy exposing jewish perfidy I like to learn about rock and roll trivia. Did you know Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) and Axl Rose both rented out the house that Sharon Tate and her friends were murdered in at 10050 Cielo Drive? They used the house as a studio to record some of Manson’s songs. When news of that got out the owner of the property had the house demolished. That was in '94, I believe.


Speaking of (((Chosen people)))


Remember the time?