Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like



I think I played this after divorcing my first wife.





Heart Full Of Soul - 00:00
I Wish You Would - 02:23
Over Under Sideways Down - 04:49
Dazed and Confused - 07:04
For Your Love - 12:38
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago - 14:51
Shapes of Things - 17:17
Still I’m Sad - 19:50
Train Kept a Rollin’ - 22:38
You’re a Better Man Than I - 25:47
I’m A Man - 29:10
Go Tell It On The Mountain - 35:14


LMAO at veganism …its a proven fact that your brain and body need animals fats for optimal performance.
I guess you could pull of “veganism” if you were some low T soy boy beta cuck who sits on your ass all day and lives some yuppie city life existence and never need to physically work to do things and get things done…and then they claim they want to “punch nahtzeeees”
Like any of those antifa leftoid faggots would ever “punch” anyone.


IDK if you watched it. He takes all the vegan food throws it in the trash and drops a big fire cracker and blows it up. Adam Calhoun is really funny.


i did , it was pretty hilarious!!