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All it takes to beat the darkness is to shine the light.


Yeah, a little gay, but a good song. The vid reminds me of a Monty Python movie.



Was John Lennon Jewish?

Imagine a Jew World Order… No heaven, No countries, No possessions, No religion… The world will be as one… Peace, Goyim… Live for today and racemix like the greatest Beatle

And what might these lyrics mean, if he’s a Jew?


Dave Grohl plays Paul McCartney for Obama





well i’d say he was a kike , but they’re all throwing up their kabbalistic demonic symbolism in the one pic.
They’re all puppets of zionism and the jewWorldorder


Hey, what a beautiful dixie lady around here! :slightly_smiling_face: Nice to see you madam :heart_eyes:

The Rammstein guys are funny guys and most of what they do or say is ironical. Especially the keyboarder should not be taken too serious. So when he talked about “world peace”, which of course is ridiculous, he surely was kind of joking :wink: … They are great entertainers and know how to sell their stuff…


In This We Dwell…



I’ve always loved this version of the song…especially the violin solo!
But sadly, i am sure these guys are all beta libtard cucks and probably need a reeducation camp, but i digress.



@kroenen Now THAT was hilarious!
We need to just remove them from the genetic pool completely …
No camps , no Madagascar & most importantly NO MERCY!




Why, thank you darling! Born in Dothan Alabama,my parents moved to the metro Atlanta area when I was 3 weeks old where I grew up and currently reside.No plans to live anyplace else, perhaps further out in the country closer to Bama if Atlanta and its niggers keep expanding so far out.But my town is still White majority, so I’m good for now.

I would like to think that the Rammstein guys are Hitler supporters,which of course they wouldn’t be able to publicly admit without receiving hellacious backlash, possible imprisonment, and goodbye to thier music career. Also,the guitar player Richard Kruspe married a Jew broad for awhile,whose last name was Stein or Burg, some typical kike name. He added her last name to his upon marriage, saying in an interview he thought it sounded “cool.”


RIP Roy Clark (1933–2018)


Jerry Reed (1937–2008)
Glen Campbell (1936–2017)