Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like




One of my favorite Pink Floyd songs. That was around the time that Syd Barrett left the band and was replaced by David Gilmour.



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eminem and the fresh prince …oy vey, so very huwhite of you. lol
so if you post one song then eminem isnt a white guilt wigger faggot?



Didn’t take 2months to come up with some newer " pro white people" type music





hey i wasn’t starting an argument with you to become enemies, we are all on the same side here.



hahahahaha i remember this!




This is definitely one of my favorite country songs!


I’ve been to a couple of GWARs concerts, but honestly I can’t tell you the name of a song they do. They put on a very entertaining and disgusting live performance, and if you go to see a GWAR concert, it’s a wise idea to wear clothing that you don’t plan to keep cuz they get all kinds of shit on the crowd that they spray from the stage. I haven’t met anyone who actually likes thier music or thinks they’re talented, but they still have a sizeable fan base. GWAR is all about the performance and shock value.


Combichrist is great, good to see they have been acknowledged on this thread already. The song that first came to mind to post here is by Combichrist, which I’ll post as soon as I get to the end of this. Also will include a few reasons as to why the particular song and video,and the band members in general are badass and appear to be pretty damn red pilled.


You present another band that I’m fond of. One of my closest friends from high school introduced me to In This Moment. I haven’t had a chance to get any of thier albums yet, but I have a couple of videos saved on Jewtube in my favorite music list. One is of the singer, whose name I don’t recall, doing a song live solo on the piano in her apartment. The other is the entire band on some show being interviewed and they perform a song unplugged,I’m thinking the name of the song is Blood? I’ll post both of those as well.


Rammstein has some badass killer songs, and because they’re German, many dumb people assume they are racist evil Nazis. The band is extremely Jewed out. Alot of thier lyrics and videos are about twisted sexual nastiness. Homosexuality and pedophilia make appearances.In the 1990s when the overplayed not so great Du Hast became a mainstream hit, the band toured with Korn as an opening band. During the performance of the song Buck Dich, which in English translates to Bend Over, the singer would drag the keyboard player around stage on a leash,then have him get on all fours,unsnap a buttflap for easy access,and pull a fake penis out of his pants, proceed to smack his butt with it, and had it rigged to where a long steady stream of white liquid squirted from fake penis,sprayed the audience with fake faggot buttfuck jizz. GAY.

I watched interviews with the band members, the keyboard player is asked if he could have just 1 wish granted, what he’d ask for. His answer? World Peace. Sorry dude,but there ain’t no such thing,that’s some imaginary fairytale type nonsense thats never existed, never has occurred. If he wished for the Jews to magically disappear, that’s a realistic detailed reason as a way to closer achieving world peace. Just those 2 words alone sound like hippie 1960s peace love everybody BS… World Peace. A male who wishes for those 2 words doesn’t realize that if we want even just a percentage of that, it’s first going to be necessary to rise up in preparation for battle, in which bloodshed and death will take place. For we all know that there’s a certain group of people who are the #1 cause of the majority of the worlds problems,and they enjoy seeing misery, suffering, struggle, poverty etc.They go out of their way to make these problems for humanity,and they will have to be 100% eliminated before the rest of us can have an easier life. Every single one of them completely destroyed, can’t make any exceptions, not for the few ‘good’ ones,not for the children, that is the Final Solution.

My last rambling on about why Rammstein are Jew pets…in an interview,a band member said they did an autograph signing before they played a show in Mexico City, I believe it was. A fan wanted them to autograph a T-shirt with a swastika on it,which they refused to do.They had the main radio station make an announcement that the band requested that nobody comes to the concert wearing swastika/Nazi paraphernalia because they didn’t want to be wrongly associated with the evil Jew hating Nazis. So in closing, I like some of the music,but they are cucked slave to the Jews degeneracy, traitors to thier own Aryan blood.


Most are. These people have been brainwashed from infancy to hate themselves for being of noble german stock. The jew cries in pain as it cuts your throat. Dont let their propaganda sway your noble blood. Stay strong and true. Dont fall for their degenerative behaviors like porn, cucking, drugs.