Post Some Cool Music.. Anything You Like




(((Depeche Mode)))


why are you posting wigger nigger music?
eminem is a white guilt faggot who sucks nigger cock.
go to another site with this garbage


Does it not make us stronger when we better understand our (((enemy))) and their schemes? Stay to yourself… Little duder. Lock yourself inside a room and wait for them to do whatever psychopaths want to do. I look at everything.


I luve you, muthafukaz




blah blah…i am no “little dude” and don’t need to listen to nigger cRap music made by white race traitors to understand the jewish problem.



What is “cRap” ?

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no offense, but its pretty obvious what that means.
this is a white nationalist website, not a wigger music site.
just saying…
listen to whatever you want ,but what do you expect whites who are red-pilled to say about nigger music?
are we supposed to “like” Feminem the race traitor ,white guilt pushing drug addict pussy?

fuck that sicko degenerate nigger lover commie faggot.


you must be young…but why would any intelligent white man put that mind pollution into their mind?
are you saying that you cannot understand the tactics of the enemy without listening to cRap music?
pffff, get real…go read a book.


This thread should be dedicated to pro-White music only, not selections from someone’s old CD collection of hits from the 80s and 90s.


You are free to post anything you want… No one is stopping you.

It’s Saturday. Entertain us… We’re waiting.


If you guys think of a song in the next few months, we’ll be here waiting.


The lead singer’s girlfriend had a miscarriage, and this song was born.


so you are shocked that people on this forum dont like eminem?


How many Eminem songs are in this thread?