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OK :slight_smile: No more “Lite Rock” :grinning: … Now it’s time for some german NS-Rock from the band Stahlgewitter.
This little song gives some hope in that horrible situation of our tortured country.
Unfortunately the translation is not good. But there is a better one in the comment section below…


It’s still legal in Deutschland to fly the Imperial flag from Der Erst Weltkreig, ja?



Ja. The Imperial Flag (Reichskriegsfahne) is still legal in Deutschland…

And i share your opinion about East Germany. :+1:

Is your nickname based on Charlie Manson’s ranch??


Some cool Viking-Rock, from Sweden :wink: :v: :fist_right:


Fallout 1





I’ve asked him that also and he doesn’t respond.
Manson was right about one thing, he predicted a race war was inevitable.


I don’t know much about Manson. To me he was just a weird hippie. Can’t find anything cool about him…

And yes, a race war is inevitable. But i’ll be prepared. And i hope it’s coming soon…


A classic from 1973.


After a week of hard work, it’s time for a nice ballad from master Ronnie James Dio

He was only a little dwarf but had a great voice. One of the best singers EVER!!!



An epic crusher by “Blind Guardian” from Krefeld / Germany. They were quite powerful in their early days.
Song is about the desert planet “Dune”. Very nice stuff :wink: :+1:



If you’re a guitar player you might like this. Easy cheats for open chords if you can read guitar tab.

When I get burned out and black pilled I pick up my trusty Stratocaster.



Belated start into another week of insanity, with the “Redneck Stomp”