POS Judge Overrules Parents Wishes


this is incredible… a pos florida judge in Miami is forcing a 3yo to undergo more chemotherapy against the parents wishes… here’s a pic of the cunt-whore judge:

A judge in Tampa, Florida ruled that a three-year-old boy with leukemia must undergo chemotherapy. The ruling followed a nearly two week battle between the parents and the state over the treatment of Noah McAdams’ illness. Judge Caroline Tesche Arkin agreed with the county that denying the boy chemotherapy is child neglect.

anyone who still thinks that America is “free” is in serious denial. a while back there was a case where a baby had a bowl obstruction and the pos religious nut parents refused a simple operation on religious grounds. they won that case and their baby died because “god” didn’t want him to live. but these good parents have no such protections against an out of control gov.

the judges in the case have hit the parents with two losses. Last week a judge issued temporary custody of Noah to his grandparents. Bland and McAdams’ can see him through approved visits by the county.

if these scum did this to me and my kid i might just take the law into my own hands… we have an out-of-control judiciary and scumbag 9/11 psychos in-charge of our country. the ONLY solution is to get about 1000 armed patriots, invade some nigger shithole, kick out the niggers and start anew.