Pope Francis Kisses the Feet of Sudanese Niggers


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Pope Francis is a disgusting person. He seems to enjoy kissing the feet of niggers. He just did it again.


During a two-day retreat at the Vatican, Pope Francis stunned visiting dignitaries and onlookers alike with a grand gesture of humility by kneeling down to kiss the feet of South Sudan’s formerly warring leaders.

“I am asking you as a brother to stay in peace. I am asking you with my heart, let us go forward,” the 82-year-old pontiff told President Salva Kiir and his rival, the former rebel leader Riek Machar on Thursday.

What makes this so deranged is that the Pope recently refused to allow an actual Catholic to kiss his Papal ring which was historically a customary part of Catholicism.

The Catholic Church is dead. It is a weirdo cult of faggots run by a sick bastard who believes in stupid social justice agendas. The fact that he also enjoys kissing the feet of niggers should be enough for any sane person to avoid having anything to do with this fucked up institution.


the foot fetish is in The Bible. rival in what way? but you can see how cucked is the xtian religion and how wacky are The Catholics. The Dope is kissing the feet of his enemies… what more do you need to know about this BULLSHIT religion?


here’s what you can’t see. CAUTION! VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.


Pope Francis was trained at a Jesuit seminary. That should tell you everything.






If the cameras weren’t running the niggers would have whipped out their Alabama blacks snakes and said “kiss this cracker”


This is totally contradictory of the Catholic Church of the olden days. Fucking (((Jesuits)))
marxist offshoot of the Catholics


And he’d have crammed them down his gullet.


I wonder what else he does with niggers behind closed doors ??


The Jesuits would consider that foreplay until later in the evening when alter boy training begins.



I reject Christianity because:

I reject turning the other cheek.
I reject loving my enemies.
I reject their “going into all the world and preaching the gospel” and bringing the entire third world into the first world, making them “my neighbors” who I must “love as myself.”
I reject the “chosen people.” I won’t choose a religion that won’t choose me and my people.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

I do want to believe in saving grace and righteousness and that is precisely why I reject Christianity - or to be fair - how it is observed today.

It is one thing to forgive but to bow down and kiss the feet of a sinner, you are endorsing the sin because you are worshipping the sinner.

The pope didn’t know if they were peaceful Christians or if they had just come from necklacing someone.

shouldn’t the ritual have gone like this:

Say a blessing and forgive the sin(s), WASH THE FEET (symbolically purifying the one who walked in sin), THEN kiss the feet and say “go in peace and sin no more”???

If he did that, I’d have more respect for him.



@Italianblackshirt NSDAP theorist Alfred Rosenberg, author of Myth of the 20th Century, had the same view of Jesuits as you do.


This pope is such a disgrace. Those stupid niggers don’t grasp the symbolic meaning of this ritual anyway. It will only fortify them in their weird belief that they were king kongs or something like that


Christian religion pisses me off more and more. I’m almost done with it.

Everytime when someone asks me what i believe in, i just answer:
“Ich glaube an den Führer und an den Endsieg”
(“I believe in the Führer and in the Final Victory”)
That’s always a lot of fun…


Xtians are shit, plain and simple. their foolish beliefs will be their demise but most are hypocrites anyway… anyone who actually believes the basis of that shit religion is clinically INSANE. The fairytale of Adam & Eve, Noah’s Arc, a Jew dying for “our sins”… give me a fucking break. this is laughable bullshit.

if a “creator” exists he’s not going to be a nice fucking guy and he’s not going to reward ANYONE for believing non-sense… imagine dying and going to be judged by a thing that can create matter from nothing and make an infinite universe… and you tell him that: he fucked a 14yo girl to save humanity from original sin. he’s going to roll his eyeball and think to himself " another one!? " then send you back to repeat, Earth Grade.


Great comment Mr. White. You nailed it, as always!

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