Poles March On US Embassy To Protest Jewish Extortion Scheme


:sunglasses::+1:t3:OMG! good job! what a great day to be alive.
:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:You go the poles! kick out the US base of your country, stop to hating Russia who is in fact your best ally, bring closer to Russia, kick the US ambassy. But most importantly, KICK OUT THESE DAMNED KIKES OUT OF POLAND FOR THE EXAMPLE and your traitorous gouvernement. :blush:God is with you!


US ambassador to Poland is a kike. Just look at her ugly fake face!


I know! sheโ€™s a fugly plastic whore.
Sheโ€™s also hideous than her soul!
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:LMFAO always that philanthropic jew meme, itโ€™s indecent than she support veterans when her tribe his responsible for there permanent injuries. Disgusting!


Itโ€™s about time someone starts fighting back.


2019 will be the global goy revolution year! donโ€™t give up poles, the lord stand with you against the Christ killers.