Pocahontas Pledges to Arrest White Nationalists for Their Beliefs


Originally published at: Pocahontas Pledges to Arrest White Nationalists for Their Beliefs | Infostormer.com

This is quite the tweet from Pocahontas.

We have to recognize the threat of white nationalism. We’ve got to call it out. As President of the United States, my Justice Department would go after white nationalists with full prosecution. #WarrenTownHall

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) March 19, 2019

So she would have the Department of Justice arrest White nationalists for their political beliefs. First Amendment be damned I guess.

Or perhaps she read Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto and is a secret Nazi. Because what she is proposing is exactly what Tarrant hoped for. He specifically talked about accelerating the political polarization that exists in the United States.

And when you have a presidential candidate openly talking about arresting White nationalists for their political beliefs, it looks like his mission has been accomplished.


clearly this lying bitch is totally whacked-out and mentally unstable. … i wonder when she’s going to jail for lying about being native american for freebies. all we now hear about is the white folks who illegally paid to get their kids into college but no fuss over this lying whore. and no fuss over the niggers who get into college using their affirmative action trump-card. oh, and then there are the quotas… Warren abused that system by claiming to be a minority and now she’s running for president? give me a break.


She won’t get a chance to do it because she will never be President, but some other self hating white or minority will try it.


yup, she’s going full-blown loco to get attention for her failed presidential campaign. the fact that she thinks that she has a chance after LYING about being native america for freebies, is laughable.


White women are always worse race traitors than White men


She should remember how every sigle game of Cowboys and Injuns ends…


What a despicable traitor.


Just letting y’all know it’ll be a P Harris and VP Beto ticket for the commie side.

and I’m annoyed now. On NBC news (I think) there was an article today which clearly showed the great lacking of right-wing violence when compared to Islamic or panti-fa violence. Read it this morning, meant to bookmark, but I didn’t and now I can find.


Well at least there’s a potential positive outcome with balkanization of the Zog USA. Jews in control now will flee and or get killed in the process. Thereafter we will get our own chunk of land. The manifesto tells us to go and fight, don’t run away because there is no place safe now for us whites. It’s unfolding now, be prepared, brothers.


When Pat Little wins the Presidency,we can legally gas Elizabeth Warren.


Doesn’t look like any of these deep state scum will be prosecuted for lying…



I have long foreseen that the US government will go the way of the old Soviet one, and for the same reasons. I hope I live to see it.