Pocahontas Admits She's White


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Elizabeth Warren better known as Pocahontas just admitted to voters in Iowa that she is not a person of color and is White.

This effectively ends her presidential campaign. She falsely claimed that she was a Native American to get preferential treatment under affirmative action policies. Now she’s admitting that this was all bullshit.

It’s honestly hard to see how any White person could win the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination in 2020. It’s devolved into a coalition of Jews, homosexuals, feminists and colorful vibrants. They all have competing interests most of which revolve around getting Whitey. This is all going to become quite apparent as the process unfolds. Warren has already given her opponents all the fodder they need to make her candidacy non-viable. It’s all over for her.


Over at the OD they got an article up about how we should join the Democrats. It is ridiculously absurd to join the antiwhite party. Whites are being purged from the Democrats. Even Chucky Schumer and Nasty Pelosi are not exempt.


She says that ancestry is different from being a member of a tribe. She still speaks with forked tongue.


where are “the people of color” denouncing this fraud? she should be forced TO RESIGN in disgrace.


Hard to ignore her DNA evidence:

She’s also a racist:



Implying they have agency…


Maybe after that beer she drank she had a ‘moment of clarity’.


Yeah to be honest I thought about doing that Elizabeth Warren thing. But instead of Indian or Negroid(see Shaun King) I decided I would go for Jewish. I already took a DNA test and got .2% and even though I am mostly German and have a Christian name (Nicholas), my surname sounds Jewish.


Some of those DNA companies, 23 & Me in particular, are notorious for adding little equivocations like “less than.002 per cent” of something other than European to 100 per cent European clients, which technically would not be a lie. Zero is after all “less than .002”.


Yea they added 0.1% as well as Beber and Jewish (hopefully my paternal German and Italian ancestors did not mix with merchants and hajjis)


I would kill myself if I found out I was Jewish. the life of a rat needs more than the life of a kike


I was even thinking of writing something on my arm with a permanent marker and say I got a tattoo from Treblinka. Ha ha ha ha ha