Please read (or listen to) this book guys. It is the single most important piece of literature ever produced


“Might Is Right” is a treatise on Social-Darwinism. The observations of the anonymous author are so precise, so accurate, so faultless, it borders on the supernatural.

The natural world, is a world of war.
The natural-law, is tooth and claw.
A condition of combat everywhere exists.
We are born into a perpetual conflict.

Blessed are the strong. They shall possess the earth.
Cursed are the weak. They shall inherit the yoke.
Blessed are the powerful. They shall be revered among men.
Cursed are the feeble. They shall be spat upon.
Blessed are the bold. Nature will smile upon them.
Cursed are the meek. They shall be trodden under hooves.
Blessed are the battle-blooded. They shall be rulers of empires.
Cursed are the pacifists. Subjugation is their portion.
Blessed are stone-hearted. They shall breed unconquerable sons.
Cursed are the compassionate. They shall breed creeplings.
Blessed are the iron-handed. The unfit shall flee before them.
Cursed are the timid. They shall be overrun.
Blessed are the defiant. They shall be feared by kings and tyrants.
Cursed are the obedient. They are frightened by shadows.
Blessed are the non-believers. Never shall “god” terrorize their minds.
Cursed are the believers. Mental-Enslavement is their reward.
Blessed are the ruthless. They shall remain unfettered.
Cursed are the pitying. They shall live in bondage.
Blessed are the amoral. They shall obtain great treasure.
Cursed are believers in good and evil. They shall perish amidst plenty.
Blessed are the vengeful. Their days shall be long in the land.
Cursed are the merciful. They shall be exterminated.
Blessed are the death-defiant. Their children shall inherit the earth.
Cursed are they who fear the grave. Their seed shall be blotted out.

                        ~ Ragnar Redbeard. 1890.


It’s obviously a work of satire that attempts to capitalize on the fad of the boys’ novels of the time (King Solomon’s Mines, &c.).


Is it possible that you’re even dumber than you sound?

“Might Is Right” is not satirical in the least. The author is crystal-clear about his beliefs and his motive in writing the book (page 149). The author also cites dozens of different sources to back his various claims and the book’s been banned dozens of times since it’s publication 130 years ago.

A few mentally-Ill Jesus-Freaks and some libshit, egalitarian, idiots (who have never even read it) made that ridiculous “satire” claim because that’s the only possible way a detractor can even attempt to rebut the book’s extraordinary content. One cannot logically argue against any of the author’s positions, so the only card a detractor has to play is to say “He was just kidding when he wrote it. He just wrote it for kicks and guffaws and it’s all a big joke”. But as I have already pointed out, anyone with a rudimentary understanding of the book’s message, or anyone who’s ever taken a cursory glance at the book’s content, can clearly see that such a claim is the height of absurdity.

…And it has absolutely nothing to do with some novel about explorers in Africa. I don’t even know how anyone could possibly try to make that connection.


I like your recommendation.

Might is Right… These 3 words alone say it all. That’s how real life works

Of course many people are not comfortable with this idea. But these are the cold hard facts.
It’s time to wake up.


Read or listen to the book my Brother. It will change your life.


I really thought it was gonna be Mein Kampf.