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Five British prime ministers have endorsed an insane plan to besmirch the beautiful Victoria Tower Gardens park, alongside the Thames river and adjacent to the Houses of Parliament. These cringing quislings hope to build a “National Holocaust Memorial and Education Centre” on the green, so that ‘evil’ White people will be reminded of their alleged ‘crime’ in shoving six quadrillion jews into shower room gas chambers, ovens, vacuum chambers, steam chambers, quicklime, diesel exhaust fumes, or whatever the popular theory of the day happens to be.

How can you “educate” people about an ‘event’ that never happened?

At 2:04, Theresa “Treason” May talks of “despicable Holocaust denial”. What is truly despicable is this malicious, colossal libel against White people.

A few days ago it was announced that an “extra” 25 million pounds is to be wasted on this abomination, which is matched by a so-called “charity” run by “Lord” Andrew Feldman and Gerald Ronson.

Ronson is a so-called (((“philanthropist”))) who was jailed in 1990 for his role in the financial fraud known as the “Guinness affair”.

Interestingly enough, Feldman is one of David Cameron’s “oldest and best friends”. At 1:50 in the video, Cameron says he set up the “Holocaust Commission” in 2014, and he’s “so delighted” that they recommended this “National Memorial”.


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Comical that they included the war criminal Tony Blair in such a video. Talk about tone deaf.


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