Pinterest's Censorship Agenda Blown Open by Whistleblower


Originally published at: Pinterest’s Censorship Agenda Blown Open by Whistleblower |

A whistleblower from inside of the social media company Pinterest has just blown open their massive agenda to censor user content.

The unnamed whistleblower did an interview with Project Veritas and provided documented evidence showing how they censor user content.

He specifically described how Pinterest classified a pro-life, anti-abortion website as pornography in order to block users from posting links to it. He also showed how they deliberately censored references to Christianity including Bible verses.

They even decided that they needed to censor the Jew Ben Shapiro for being a White supremacist and ban the “conservative” website The Gateway Pundit for hate speech.

One of the documents provided by the whistleblower shows how they would hide content if you used the term “gay” or “retarded.” They would also block anybody who made fun of “Black Lives Matter.” And if you made reference to “White Lives Matter” or a term along those lines, their official policy was to hide that content as “divisive” so other people couldn’t see it.

Pinterest also hides so-called “conspiracy theories” including ones about the official story of 9/11 being a lie and how the Jew George Soros finances anti-conservative causes.

Another document provided by the whistleblower shows how they would actively target people who posted terms like 1488, Turner Diaries or other terms related to White nationalism in order to fight so-called “hate speech.” Users posting content containing anti-Moslem content would also be targeted.

Unfortunately, after this report dropped, Pinterest discovered who the whistleblower was and fired him. They also decided to block the pro-life website entirely.

Overall, this was solid journalism from James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. This is the type of work that the mainstream media would be doing if we actually had a healthy functioning society that wasn’t run by Jews.

Tim Pool has published a video reacting to the Project Veritas report. He dissects some of the information that Project Veritas didn’t go into all that deeply.

Project Veritas has promised a second part to this Pinterest story which I’m very much looking forward to seeing.


Why would they mind if everyone knows about their censorship of anyone who deviates so much as a hair from their rigid efforts at mind control?


That’s a good question; but my guess would be that the Elite realize that this fight isn’t over yet. They know we can still win – and they’re right. But we have to stay focused. We’re not fighting right now for political power: the government is far too corrupt to be reformed. And we’re not trying to start street riots. We’re fighting for the hearts & minds of our people. When we can get a large enough number of them to see the world as we do, victory will not be far off. In this context we should all try to think about how we can grow our community here at Infostormer. I mean, the number of users has grown from zero to 284 (right now); but we scarcely have 30 active users at a time.


This is why these people need to burn in the hottest part of Hell.


No surprise, I’ve been shadow banned in Twitter; found out by relogging in under another account, and yep, it’s because I questioned shit bag Jews. Doesn’t this violate First Amendment rights? You can’t allow blue people into your dinner and not red folk. This is clearly discrimination and they (all Jew media) should be hammered with a class action lawsuit.