PewDiePie Gives $50K to ADL Jews To Stay On YouTube


Originally published at: PewDiePie Gives $50K to ADL Jews To Stay On YouTube |

PewDiePie actually thinks he’ll be able to keep his YouTube channel and his 100 million YouTube subscribers by bribing the Jews at the Anti-Defamation League.

Reclaim The Net:

PewDiePie, the first solo creator to pass the 100 million subscriber mark on YouTube, has celebrated the milestone by announcing that he’s donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – an organization that has controversially been seen as a proponent of YouTube policies that have harmed creators on the platform over the last few years.

PewDiePie made the announcement while unboxing his 100 million subscriber award from YouTube. He didn’t explain why he’d decided to donate to the ADL and simply framed it as “an additional celebration.” However, the decision has confused some followers, given that PewDiePie has previously called out organizations for being against free speech.

Some of PewDiePie’s fans are surprised and disappointed with the announcement and many of the comments on the video are highly critical of PewDiePie’s decision.

This was a bad move. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League has been at the forefront of online speech censorship. He could give these kikes 50 million dollars and it wouldn’t matter.

As soon as they find a proper excuse to justify banning his channel they’re going to do it regardless of how much money he donates to these Jews and regardless of how much he says he isn’t a racist and an anti-Semite.

On top of that, by donating money to these evil kikes, he’s just alienated people like myself who supported him because of the edgy jokes he was putting into his content.

You can’t make deals with devil. And the Jews are the devil.

Not good Felix.


Most unwise. These people cannot be propitiated.


Now the kike Greenblatt is probably on his way to a Porsche dealership with his ill gotten gain of $50,000.


He only cares about his channel and money. He isn´t really one of us. He reached his peak. The internet is a very fast business.


Jews in some aspects are like certain woman I’ve met: if you give them certain thing then they’ll demand more from you, and then you give them more and more, and at the end you will have to please the woman in everything they want or else.

Never give anything over or relinquish anything to jews if they ever criticize you or call you a “raicisst” or “antisemetic”: not even an apology as at the end they’ll demand more and more and it’ll never end up. Pewdiepie, if he continues like this he’ll for sure end up making boring “politically-correct” content as to please “jews and minorities”, what will make his loyal fanbase go away and hate him because heck: who wants to see such stuff anyways?


Yeah, he’s a millionaire and had good luck selling his product, but Holy Shit, this guy needs to use some of that money to purchase a set of weights! He really is gross looking with that big, box-head, chicken bone arms, and little bird chest.

Honestly, how many push ups do you think he can do?

No, don’t subscribe to him, try to get him to go outside and exercise!