Pentagon Wants to Deploy Thousands of Troops to Agitate Iran


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There are people in Donald Trump’s administration who really to do a big war against Iran to benefit Jews. The Pentagon is in the midst of drafting plans to send thousands of troops to the Middle East to piss off the Iranians.

Fox News:

The Pentagon is slated to request several thousand more U.S. troops be deployed to the Middle East amid escalating tensions with Iran, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News on Wednesday.

No decision has been made, and it was not clear if the White House would give its blessing. The deployment could also include Patriot missile batteries and naval ships.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran came to a head after President Trump ordered warships and bombers to the Middle East earlier this month to counter unspecified threats to U.S. interests. In addition, all non-essential U.S. staff at the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Iraq were ordered to leave following a surprise visit by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

There is no clear reason why we need to do this. Iran is not a military threat to the United States. The only explanation for sending thousands of troops over there is because America’s foreign policy is controlled by Israel. They along with the Saudis and the Sunni Gulf States are the only ones that would benefit from such a war.

This nonsense is even worse when one considers that the southern border of the United States is under a continuous assault by brown goblin hordes from Central America. You would think that would be the priority.

But if neocons like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton think that doing a war against Iran will be easy, they are out of their minds. The Persian Empire has been around for thousands of years. They are a formidable enemy and should not be underestimated. Some have estimated that it would take a million men to defeat Iran and take control of the country. This is not practical in the least especially considering how feminized Western military forces are. Not to mention all the colorful diversity we now have among the rank and file.

It’s time to withdraw all of our forces from the Middle East and let the Jews fight their own battles. If they are the chosen people of God as they claim, than they don’t need our help. God will wage their battles for them and protect Israel from their enemies.


The weapons companies (run by wenches now) stand to make a lot of money from more war.

Iran will happily laugh at us while the US spend and spend to finance an endless war and bankrupt themselves. They are not stupid.


clearly Trump has no intention what-so-ever of even TRYING to “drain the swamp”… now our evil country has filed “espionage” charges against Assange. he knows too much and must be killed… there is no hope for America. freedom died long ago.




Old meme but still relevant.



The government calls it ‘protecting “American interests”’.


funny how this worked out…Mueller goes away and Trump prepares for war with Iran and Syria. just like i said would happen. MORE troops in, Syria not a withdrawal of troops.



Trump’s statements aren’t worth shit, he’s a known liar and if he was really in favor of peace he wouldn’t have brought on John Bolton


just like Bush II, Trump is not the real president. he’s just a mouthpiece to lie to his supporters.


i doubt many of them are really much besides mouthpieces for larger (((entities))) …
i’d say maybe if you are the Director of Central Intelligence , United States Ambassador to the United Nations and the Chair of the Republican National Committee amongst other things like Daddy Bush, you may be a “higher up mouthpiece” but nonetheless a mouthpiece for sure…