Patrick Little Destroys (((NBC Reporter)))


Vote Patrick Little on June 5th… United States Senate Election in California


The only reason that the jews have held sway over our society for so long is because of their control of the traditional mass-media. But no sooner does the power of that mass-media begin to weaken than the public’s consciousness regarding the Jewish Problem suddenly reawakens!



Patrick Little for President. He is a hero. He is BASED.


I think that girl reporter rather fancies Senator-Elect Little, I’ll tell you what!


She says forget the books forget the facts. It’s all about feelz.


Why has the Republican Party distance themselves from Patrick Little? Because the Republican Party is owned by Jews. That’s why Never democrat Never republican.


“They had ice cream, swimming pools, orchestras, plays, soccer fields… I mean, shit, I’d like to take a vacation at Auschwitz.” – Patrick Little talking to Jewish Reporter

Lol… Skip to 27:00



He would make the best president ever!


It looks like this is finally the end of the Bush-Clinton era, perhaps the darkest period in American history. I have a feeling that the American empire itself will soon be coming to an end. The jews had better hurry up and sink their fangs into their new Yellow hosts in the Far East, because the White man is beginning to be roused to anger.


Senator Dianne Feinstein holds dual US/Israeli citizenship. She pushes for gun control in America, but not in Israel. Let’s end Jewish Supremacism. Vote for Patrick Little on June 5th!


Streamed a few minutes ago…
Primary Election Night Message


Patrick Little, Brian Ruhe, and Dennis Wise


Patrick J-Walking on Polk Street
(Streamed a few hours ago)


Patrick J-Walking at ICE Protest in Concord, CA


It’s time for Trump to start naming the Jew.


He won’t. He is too zionist. Ivanka married into the jews.


Patrick Little Passing Out Redpills on the 4th of July


Patrick Little Redpills Death Valley


Patrick Little Names the Jew at a Slavic Festival in Portland (Part 2)