Pastor Dowell on MGTOW


"women cannot be trusted…in today’s world women are whores, whore mongers who’ve been used more times than a toilet seat, they’re loud, obnoxious and disrespectful and only care about themselves…if you come across a skank women you know how to treat her… "… take all the feminist women and put them on an island and see how long they last without men… within a hundred years they’ll all be gone.

this guy is fantastic. remember folks… the white nationalist movement is not about hating individuals. AGAIN: black males are waking UP and you can talk to them without the risk of it turning violent. if you didn’t know that Pastor Dowell was black and just read his teachings, you’d swear he was a white nationalist. what a great man. here he is speaking about the GD lying, disrespectful sluts that trick men into marriage.

this guy is too funny more quotes:

you don’t find a wife at spring break in miami.


Yea, I like that talk.