Parents refuse to take me to medical treatment . What do I do?


I am a 21 year old male who has some serious problems but they refuse to take me. I am having severe memory loss to the point where I can not remember information an hour ago, severe fatigue, weakness, slowed thinking, confusion, trouble concentrating, sensitivity to cold, depression, paranoia, foggy head,cognitive impairment, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, and neck pain. Any time I bring it up a nasty fight breaks out. I can’t go on my own because I don’t have any means to go. I don’t have a license and is no public transportation or a job. My mom always just says I been tested 100 times or that its because I am on the computer too much and my eyes strain or I am not sleeping. What do I do before it’s too late?


Well I’m no doctor and don’t know your current lifestyle but I think a lifestyle change is on order. Get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Adopt a enjoyable and relaxing hobby, I enjoy fishing, gardening and woodworking. And don’t get worried or angry, avoid that as much as possible, but with your toxic environment with parents, I know it’s hard to accomplish this. At least try to get out of that and keep your chin up. Job- I know it’s harder and harder for whites to get a job due to diversity bullshit but get any reasonable job that don’t require a car, mabye with a walking distance. Start from there and work your way to get a license and a car with that preserve attitude. Never give up. So, good luck with that. Anyways back to topic, I have used herbal medicine and practiced fasting to get my health in top shape. If you can order books on fasting this one I recommend is very simple and easy to follow. U can buy it from Amazon or any retailer of your choice- The Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs: Stanley Burroughs: 9781980644378: Books


Eat better, journal for memory help. Change your attitude, be more positive. Get plenty of sleep. Finding a job will increase your mood and extra money doesn’t hurt. If you say weird things to girls just relax and think before you speak or don’t say anything. But having a job and woman can make you feel like a man. Girls are hard at age 21 try going for older like 27-35 or fat chicks.


Well the thing is I’m kind of ugly. I have weird big lips and soft cheeks


I also have moles and glasses


Shave your head. You have a goofy hair cut.


Its just not styled…


I doubt anything will make me less hideous


A beard will help make you look older.


I can’t grow a beard becuase of low t.


Eh I should just accept that I’ll never be in a relationship


I never been in a realtionship


Try fat chicks they try harder. In the words of Daniel Tosh"you gotta plow a few 4s to appreciate an 8"


Fat chicks reject me. I am hideous its over


maybe plastic surgery because look how creepy andf effeminate I look


I am a mentally disabled(IQ 80) 21 male living and being take care of by elderly parents, particularly my overbearing mom. I was never employed because no one wants me. I look androgynous and creepy with small doe eye, long eye lashes, soft cheeks, big lips, flat eyebrows(as opposed to protruding ones) . I also have a high pitched voice, big ears, moles(sometimes I have a mustache to cover it up),overbites, goofy glasses, and bulging eyes. I also am skinny, physically weak(I could barely do 15 pushups), 4-5" cock, and small weak wrist and hands. I tried everything different haircuts, showers, facial hair, working out, different clothing, go to the gym, get more confidence, and lower standards (obese women, ugly women, gay men, transsexuals, and a plethora of prostitutes reject me!) so don’t give a generic answer(including saying I am not that ugly or make up some story


My unofficial psychological assessment of you is one of depression and despair. Change that sh-t ASAP!!! Your overall attitude is completely negative and problematic and only YOU can change that.

Kroenen’s recommendations:

  1. Eat well and no junk foods. eggs, chicken, fruits, and veggies.
  2. Research ways to have a positive mental attitude despite your home environment. Only you can find that.
  3. Workout regularly. Maybe running or a weight training regime. I do a version of this three times a week and It doesn’t require expensive weights to buy or paying membership to a gym.

I think I have low t

Well will it make me less hideous( I look like a lesbain jewess)


to say I look normal is a lie. look how low t I am


Go to bed and do the weight training exercise I gave you. What do you have to lose?