Pakistan supporter calls for a separate homeland in the U.K. for Muslims


I think Hopkins is similar to Trump, jew wise but no chance of calling them out, she has to know the Jews are involved in the mass importation of muslims.


I agree. I actually think she may be a kike puppet whose purpose is to stir up hatred between Whites and muzzies (rather like Tommy Robinson). I can’t fathom how she’d get away with what she tweets / says otherwise.


Imagine the backlash if a White called for a separate homeland for Whites only in the UK.

They’d reinstate the death penalty just for that…


Morgoth had this to say about her.

Check out her T-shirt in the full photo.


Thanks for sharing this excellent article. I’m not in the least bit surprised about Hopkins. I knew there had to be some reason for her getting away with the things she says when the average Joe would end up in the slammer. I should probably get the barf bucket out and watch this ‘Homelands’ nonsense. I’ll be reading more on this blog. It looks very interesting. :+1:


It’s an excellent blog, & has one of the best comment sections I’ve ever seen on a blog – lots of top notch people.


even better, just go back to Crapistan - there’s your separate homeland


Morgoths review seems to be one of the better sites.