Over Six Gazillion Tires Slashed In Orthodox Jewish Neighborhood



Those orthodox yids patrol their neighborhoods around the clock to make sure no gentiles or schvartzes are hanging around. That being the case it’s almost 100% certain that a neurotic, troublemaking jewboy was responsible for the vandalism. And the pigs know that! Yet they have to show up and waste their time and resources anyway, because if they don’t the kikes will scream to the mayor and the press that the pigs aren’t doing enough to protect the jews / oy vey, it’s annuddah Hitlah.



I agree! There is probably a lot of security and cameras around those neighborhoods. Probably some little jewish weakling got angry at the more aggressive jewish kids pushing him around.


The police take this matter so seriously that they drop everything to catch the horrible person responsible. When they find out it is another Hey Rabbi Whatcha Doin incident, down the memory hole it goes.