One of Jew Jeff Epstein's Whores is Saying He Raped Her


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So now that the Jew Jeff Epstein has been arrested and is facing all sorts of sex crime charges, one of his old whores is coming out and saying that he raped her.

NY Post:

Another one of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims has come forward, saying the billionaire pedophile raped her at age 15 at his multimillion-dollar Manhattan townhouse.

Jennifer Araoz was a fresh-faced 14-year-old when she was recruited to become part of Epstein’s harem of underage victims, she told NBC News.

What started off as mostly nude massages escalated into rape, she said.

“He raped me, forcefully raped me,” Araoz, now 32, told the network. “He knew exactly what he was doing.”

Araoz’s nightmare began in 2001, when a woman in her 20s approached her outside her high school, The Talent Unlimited, on the Upper East Side and chatted her up about her upbringing, her family and their finances.

“I was kind of a lost kid and she sensed it,” Araoz said.

Soon, the woman introduced the teen to Epstein at his East 71st Street townhouse, where she opened up to the much older financier about wanting to become a Broadway actress and how her dad had died of AIDS when she was 12.

Epstein told her that the teen “very lucky to have met somebody like him” and “that he could really help me,” she recalled.

One day, Epstein took Araoz on a tour of his $77 million home — leading her to what he called his “favorite room in the house,” she recalled.

It was the massage room — equipped with a table on the floor and a photo of a nude woman on the wall.

For a year, Araoz said, she was brainwashed into giving Epstein massages while wearing only her underwear. He would masturbate until he finished — and then leave her $300.

Give me a break. Brainwashed for a year? lol

I am obviously no fan of Epstein who is most definitely a very sadistic Jew, but this story is comical. Epstein regularly paid this skank money for her to give him massages as he jerked himself off. This was not rape. It was a business transaction and yet this whore who regrets her whoring is now using this debacle to draw attention to herself and make people feel sorry for her.

Nobody forced her to give Epstein massages while he masturbated and she willfully did this for a year straight. If she really felt victimized by these encounters, why did she continue engaging in them?

This bitch can fuck off. Epstein is a horrible kike, but this is just more #MeToo attention whoring.


When a woman claims she was raped, I just assume she’s lying.


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Funny how none of the alleged rape victims are jewesses, just shiksas. Why is that?

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