On this date in history 1833


President Andrew Jackson defeated the Rothschild banking criminal cartel on September 10 1833.
Other than Lincoln he was the last president to temporarily outwit the cabal for a few decades.


I have two books on President Andrew Jackson and printed by Jewish owners of the publishing companies. They both failed in mentioning that he understood who controlled the idea of money.
The lies are abounding in history

Surprisingly, they never want the fact known that Andrew Jackson showed the Rothschilds the door and to GTFO.


I smile a little on the inside when I see nogs with his last name.


Could you explain why his profile is on on current Jewish fed $20 dollar bill? Just to fake the honor to fool the goy and/or maciously defile and mock him on a debt paper??


Well, he’s the guy they want to replace with Harriet Tubman.



Yeah that’s because Jackson is sort of the Trump of the 1830’s except the bank situation, though brainwashed modern mainstream historicans condemn this act as “unpatriotic” and try to tie it with Trump’s belligerence.

The National Bank. The federal government had overreached its powers in creating the Second National Bank, and Jackson killed that institution. His dedication to defeating the bank, however, was driven by personal animosity more than sound intellectual foundations. (It wasn’t enough for Jackson’s enemies to lose; they had to be destroyed, and he used his power as president to wreak that destruction.) Jackson overstepped his own constitutional authority in his attack, and fighting one wrong with another is hardly great policy.”

One quotation of the paragraph from Foundations of Economic Education article.


I like you Tony. I just call you Tony b/c your Italian. Anyway, the source you gave me is a questionable liberal and insidious institution that is a classic example of how they use useful idiots to maintain financial power.
Read the names and research their background.


Allright call me Tony.
So, I cited this to show how unhinged and crazy the leftists are- twisting and omitting history.