Obongo in Germanistan


Ex-President Obama currently is on a visit in the settlement zone once called Germany. He already visited Colonistan (Köln) and now he is in Berlin, meeting the old hag.

He must feel very well here, as there are lots of his black fellows around too. He is also still quite popular among the native Germans. Reportedly the German people were even missing him! Personally i like Trump/Blormf more because he is quite funny. But i do understand why so many Germans like Obama…

I wonder what you guys here think about Obama.
How did you guys experienced his presidency?
How would you rate his presidency?
Are you happy he is gone? Or do you miss him?


the only thing I liked about this bastard is that he did not suck as much jew cock, tho maybe he did, but just not so vigorously and publicly.


Yes, i also think he was the least jew-serving president. The kikes were even happy when his time was over and the Blormf came.


The Zio kikes were well happy, and they give much joy for Chumf the Blormf, at least oBongo had the balls to call Milikovski(satanyahu) a chickenshit and a liar :grin:


Saw some footage of Obama in the prime time news yesterday. He was talking a lot of strange bullshit. He even encouraged the retarded youngsters to do their stupid anti-climate protests.
Obongo not good… You can have him back :wink:


No, I don’t want this skinny horrible brown bastard. And yes, I think the ‘climate change’ protest is bullshit, well funded no doubt by (((someone))).