NYT: Trump Suggested Stopping Invaders by Shooting Their Legs


Originally published at: NYT: Trump Suggested Stopping Invaders by Shooting Their Legs | Infostormer.com

Is The New York Times trying to get people to support Donald Trump?

Because this report from them detailing Trump’s suggested methods of stopping the invasion are actually quite fantastic.

The Hill:

President Trump suggested having migrants shot in their legs during a March meeting with White House advisers in the Oval Office, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

The Times report is based on interviews with more than a dozen White House administration officials involved in the events the week of the meeting. The article is adapted from a forthcoming book by reporters Michael Shear and Julie Hirschfeld Davis titled “Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration.” It will be published Oct. 8.

The aides told the Times that Trump suggested to advisers during the Oval Office meeting that they should shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down.

That suggestion came after Trump had publicly suggested shooting migrants if they threw rocks during a speech in November, the Times reported.

Officials who spoke to the Times also recalled that Trump often suggested fortifying the border wall with a water-filled trench stocked with snakes or alligators.

Shooting these invaders and deploying trenches filled with snakes and alligators are all excellent ideas.

The thing is, this report comes from the Jew-run NYT which is arguably the single most fake and unreliable media operation on the planet. So it is probable that they are just making this shit up and Trump never said these things.

But just this one time, I would love to think that this is a legitimate piece of news and that Trump really suggested these things. I mean having literal pits of alligators or crocodiles eating invaders alive would be epic.


If he actually said this he must have been joking. Everybody knows that you should aim for the heart.


Or the head … like taking out a horde of zombies! :grinning:



They would only be taken to U.S. hospitals, treated and released into the population.


I wonder how the Chinese would handle a few million illegals trying to cross their border, they’d probably do exactly as Trump suggested (that’s if he really did say it ).


JewYork Times must be running out of smear material if they have to quote a book that has not been published. They did this same type of smear with another book quote prior to publication.


I could live with that, really I could!


Does anybody remember that cute video game called “Border Patrol”?


just shoot them dead and pretty soon word gets around, no more invaders


There is no way he would say that,
Yes I do have the border patrol flash game saved to my HDD:grinning: