NYT Publishes Trump's Tax Returns From the 1980s


Originally published at: NYT Publishes Trump’s Tax Returns From the 1980s | Infostormer.com

The New York Times apparently obtained leaked copies of Donald Trump’s tax returns from the years of 1985-1994. The material was turned into a top story by the paper. It shows that Trump recorded sizable losses during this time, presumably to avoid paying taxes.

New @nytimes exclusive: Trump tax return data from IRS record reveals fullest info on @POTUS’s taxes to date—showing his hotel, casino & core businesses lost $1.17B from 1985 to 1994—meaning he lost more money than nearly any other individual U.S. taxpayer https://t.co/qw7IPnOfg0 pic.twitter.com/nFYuGTnxXM

— Anna Massoglia (@annalecta) May 7, 2019

They even wrote an op-ed claiming that Trump is hiding something because he has continually said that he wasn’t going to release his tax returns.

Look, maybe Trump is hiding something and maybe he isn’t. I honestly don’t give a fuck. It’s a stupid story and another pointless fishing expedition. What Trump paid or didn’t pay in taxes back in the 1980s is of no interest to me.

What I’m interested in is preserving America. This country is being flushed into the abyss. It’s being flooded with third world populations and being transformed into a multicultural cesspool. Meanwhile, people want to obsess over Trump’s tax returns from three decades ago. It’s absolutely fucking retarded.



If only they put all their time, energy, and resources into investigating say the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, etc then we could say we are making progress. They smell blood now and are doing all they can to finish of Trump.


FFS. Out of all the things to be worried about, especially an ongoing, unfettered invasion of destitute, filthy vermin into the U.S. daily - THIS is what is so important to the likes of the Jew York Times.

Anything to bring Trump down and keep the focus off of their REAL agenda: White Genocide…


I see Trump as a scripted repeat of the Harry Truman Presidential pro-Israhell agenda. Truman was a bought and payed for Zionist stooge who was bribed beyond belief by the Jews to recognize the criminal state of Israel.


Against better judgment Truman did everything he could to promote the state of Israel and the elimination of Palestine. Exactly the same as what Trump is doing today.


There is no saving this country.