NYT: 90 Percent of Coronavirus Tests Gave False Positives

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The New York Times recently ran a story detailing how all of this coronavirus testing is grossly unreliable. They even talked about how 90 percent of tests in a few different states reported false positives.

Up to 90 percent of people who test positive for the coronavirus are highly unlikely to spread it to others, according to data from two states. What should we do about that? https://t.co/uIttDljmGD

— NYT Health (@NYTHealth) August 29, 2020

Fun fact: at $150 a test (the true cost is likely higher), the US is now spending almost $1 billion EVERY WEEK on #Covid tests.

Just on tests.


Don't kid yourself: #Covid has become a HUGE business.https://t.co/6Sx0VooCbs.

— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) September 1, 2020

The unreliability of the testing is a fact we’ve already known, but it is fairly shocking to see it reported in The New York Times of all places.

Since so many people accepted this dumb hoax in the first place, all the damage they meant to do with this scam has already been done. Even if 100 percent of the American people woke up to this fraud, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot. The entire economy has been destroyed and you have morons still running around wearing masks everywhere they go thinking that they are going to die of the plague.


Definitely this…its not often that rag has any worth reading.


$1,000,000,000 per week on a proven 90% failure. I thought jews were good with money :thinking:

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