NYPD says suspect taken into custody in killing of reputed Gambino crime boss


The NYPD on Saturday announced that a suspect had been taken into custody and is expected to be hit with murder charges in the slaying of Francesco Cali, the reputed boss of the Gambino crime family.

The suspect was identified as Anthony Comello, 24, Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said at a news conference Saturday.

The suspect “is currently being held in jail in New Jersey pending court appearances, where we anticipate we will have him returned to Staten Island to face murder charges for the death of Francesco Cali, which occurred on this past Wednesday evening,” Shea said.


Have you ever seen the movie Goodfellas (1990)?

A vivid portrayal of the mafia lifestyle and criminal activity in New York in the late 1950s to the early 1970s but what is never actually speculated to was who the top level Don was?

Was it a Gambino, a Genovese, or a Lucchese Italian crime families. All directly connected to the earlier Castellammarese crime mafia syndicate.
So who was the Capo dei capi? Boss of bosses back in the day?
Meyer Lansky.

You have no idea how bad it is now.


(((Meyer Lansky)))
My family always have since condemned the mafiso even they have good ethnic honor system. Greed simply consumed them to become evil and work against each other, allowing the Jew rats to infiltrate them. Drug peddling or such shit they done here has never been done back in old days in Sicily. They start doing that after wwII corruption. Before that, Mussolini tried to clean up the Mafia with some success. They existed as good reason as protection forces for hire- for landowners, farmers and ranchers because Sicily was practically anarchist state back in late 1800’s and people looting stuff.