NY Lawmaker Wants Social Media Checks For Gun Ownership


the moron jigaboo proposes violating 1st amendment rights in order to exercise 2nd amendment rights. this is yet another fine example of why blacks shouldn’t vote for other blacks based on skin color alone. somehow their civil rights mantra of “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” is ignored. like all special interest groups they despise injustice but only when they are on the losing end. as soon as they are given justice, they begin proposing legislative injustices aimed at others.

but this newly proposed law will do NOTHING to stop black on black gangbanger gun crime because The Niggas clearly have no respect for the law and carry guns illegally anyway. the only thing that this will do is punish good people for having unpopular political opinions and to implement this big-gov backdoor gun-grab, you have to hire thought police to screen the language of potential new gun buyers. obviously the jigaboo who proposed this law never thought about how it could pass constitutional muster so how the HELL did he get elected as a lawmaker if he understands NOT the basics of constitutional law? wow… his campaign speeches must have sounded something like this: " I’ze wauntin-ta bee yo rEprezentitive cuz i’z ah negrow". Datz whie you’z shuud bee votin fer mee."

The legislation says, “the New York state police shall, after obtaining the licensee’s consent … and obtaining any log-in name, password or other means for accessing a personal account … review a licensee’s social media accounts for the previous three years and search engine history for the previous year.”


What an idiot. It’s obviously a dumb proposal.

But what makes it even dumber is that much of the right-wing has already been banned from the large social media sites, so this proposal would only impact political leftists.


that’s why he proposes going back three years into ones online posting history. lol… but notice that his proposal is for ‘gun ownership’ -not just new gun buyers- which means that the thought police that will be required to screen posts will then alert the police to confiscate the guns of individuals who’s opinions are not politically correct. it’d be like having Jack Dorsey and Mark Zukerberg in charge of our 2nd amendment rights.


Obviously this attempt to gut the entire Bill of Rights is directed only at white gun owners who do not conform to the correct political and ideological strictures.