NSM Disrupts Fag Parade, Urinate on Israeli Flag


Wheels within wheels!


the KKK says that their membership is up. well, at least a couple years ago anyway. …


I guess they’re tired of the jews always pissing on them so they figure they would piss back by proxy.


Warriors on the front lines, props. But I have to agree with kittenstormer. Such activities will polarize those on the fence and on the right. Who are they saluting anyway? I suppose it is a way to help charge them up to face the Rainblow, Mud, and SJW Hoards; the key is subtilty.

Marching down 5th Ave goose stepping, Hitler saluting, and shouting a single phrase in German is counter productive. Do Jews and Asians use these tactics? Arabs utilize similar methods; other than having oil where the fuck do they rank?


Whites take a lot of shit from other ethnicities. If some of them want to march down 5th Avenue wearing Nazi uniforms I say more power to them. That’s the problem in a nutshell = no guts, no glory.


There are cops that look like Nazis and will split your head open or shoot you without batting an eyelash and many of them STILL get no respect. So how does the common White guy expect to get respect?


I’ll give you a quote, because the Jews don’t care what uniform you use against them.


Nothing left to lose…