Nobody Who Saw the New Zealand Mosque Shooting Live Reported It


Originally published at: Nobody Who Saw the New Zealand Mosque Shooting Live Reported It |

Brenton Tarrant did nothing wrong. That’s at least according to the 200 people who saw the original live-stream on Facebook. If they thought he did something wrong they surely would have reported him for violating Facebook’s community standards. But none of them did.


Facebook says a total of 4,000 people viewed the New Zealand mosque shooter’s livestream before it was taken down. Less than 200 people were watching during the assailant’s live broadcast, according to the social network, none of who reported it. Facebook says the first user report came in 29 minutes after the 17-minute live video started, which was 12 minutes after the livestream ended. The stats form part of Facebook’s latest update detailing its ongoing response to the sharing of NZ shooting posts. They reveal the small scale reach of the original broadcast but, as we now, that ultimately didn’t stop it from being widely circulated around the web.

This whole situation is very funny. It shows once again how people really don’t give a shit about these dead Moslems. People understand why he did what he did.

Yet despite that, the Jewish media is trying to manufacture this fake reality that people are really sad about these dead Moslems. As we have pointed out previously, the Al Noor mosque that he shot up was basically an Al-Qaeda recruitment center. They invited all sorts of radical speakers who spoke of waging war against infidels.

So why should anybody feel sympathy for these filthy desert dwelling terrorists? These people hate us and all want us dead.


Faceberg let those niggers stream the beating of that White window licker in Chiraq for over half an hour.

It took the cops another day to even find the kid, so I’m not surprised.


I was energized and elated when i saw the video and now even the fake liberal news has all but forgotten about this story because even they know that NOBODY CARES and it’s been revealed that these were violent muslim scum, enemies in our midst who deserved every horrific moment.


@MightyWhitey I’m only sad that the heroic Brenton Tarrant was caught. But that was part of his plan.


Yeah what ever happened with that?
I remember loretta lynch dropped the “hate crime” enhancement which lowered the possible sentence from 50-life to 3-8 yrs.
Whitey gets 20 yrs when a gang of niggers surround their vehicle and they brandish a weapon…but this is okay because jews want us not just dead ,but terrorized and riddled with cancer , financially wrecked and every other horrendous torture you can think of.


Everyone who saw it probably thought it was a new video game with the music in the background. That’s what it looked like.