No Pictures of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Public Appearance


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Allegedly the Jewish Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a public appearance. It was said to be her first public appearance since her lung cancer surgery. The news was all over Twitter.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes first public appearance since cancer surgery – The Washington Post

— Robert Barnes (@scotusreporter) February 5, 2019

Spotted at a concert by her daughter-in-law, the notorious RBG out for the first time after her surgery in December! She looked quite glam @ConstitutionCtr , #Notorious RBG in song

— Nina Totenberg (@NinaTotenberg) February 5, 2019

The only problem is that there was not a single picture of Ginsburg showing her making this alleged public appearance. She also did not show up at the State of the Union speech.

So WTF is going on here? How the hell in the age of cell phones and social media that there wasn’t a single photo of her making this public appearance? Are we being hoaxed by all these assholes in the fake news media?


As much slobbering as Trump did over the jews tonight at the SOTU it is surprising he did not bring this old kike in as another pro-jew prop like that Muh Holocaust “survivor” and the “Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting” “survivor”.


I have a crazy idea that science is great at the precipice of making dead people move and they’re just keeping her on ice until they truly need her.


Ginsberg is a brain-dead zombie, leftist, globalist voting machine for Schumer and Pelosi.


They’ll produce some shapeless, blurry image like the photos of Bigfoot & say it’s her.

RBG out for a stroll after surgery.


What they actually see is a taxidermy stuffing of rbg for stunt purposes. Jews playing with smoke and mirrors. I’ll bet they’ll make an announcement of her passing IF after Trump loses his 2020 run. Thats for sure she’s dead already



So thats NOT a man with makeup on who is dressed in women’s clothing?
Wow, okay.

Image result for youngest pics of ruth beta ginsburg

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I’m sure it was real in his mind.

[edit] BTW, I think that conservative Republicans should make a bigger deal about this.


they are too busy grandstanding to the agenda of muh jerusalem and never ending war and lauding subversive banker/lobbyist kikes in our ZOG.
The GOP almost sicken me as much as the left.
Its almost as if they are happy to constantly be defeated and outmaneuvered on every issue as long as they have a seat at the table to take lobbyists money.
Grand ol’ party of traitorous faggots and carpetbaggers maybe, nothing grand about these neocon civic nationalist race traitors who bow to multiculturalism and white genocide as long as its “legal” and done “the right way” via Washington DC.
Its high time that white people start partaking in a counterintelligence type of strategy if all we are ever going to do to fight back is vote.


She’s too ill to be in front of a camera; an old sick Jewish fronthole with very little time left…


Unless fascism or white nationalist makes out large polls on ballots, then our votes matter. All we can do is blackpill and spread word to the normies until there’s enough traction in Washington, dirty city or even our local state, county and city politics. Maybe we can bus white nationalists to voting districts that has strong enough traction in local levels like the Democrats did with illegals


Post your best Ginsburg theories. I say she’s on a feeding tube somewhere in flyover country so a judge friendly to Pelosi could overrule her own living will. 50% chance there will be no more articles about her condition for the rest of 2019.


Death with Dignity for RBG!