No limit on the amount of illegal immigrant students that are pemitted to recieve financial aid from the state of New Jersey



Funny how the pro-immigrant crowd never mention any kind of upper limit to the number of worthless brown invaders they want in this country. Is it 500 million? A billion? Wouldn’t having that many people crowded in here kind of destroy the quality of life for everyone, including the invaders themselves?


Ugh now this, at top of high taxes of this loony state! I’m paying over 9,000 a year for property tax, around 30,000 yearly on business taxes (family owned business) and then on our personal income ( usually get refunds but not much) and then nickel and dime taxes such as gas tax, tolls, sales, etc… and that mothefucker Murphy has the NERVE to fly a fag flag over the Drumthwacket! I really want to relocate to New Hampshire but the business and the customer base is too hard to uproot from that.