New Zealand's Islamic Government Demands Global War on Racism


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New Zealand’s Prime Minister and radical Islamic terrorist Jacinda Ardern is demanding a global war on racism and right-wing nationalism in the name of Allah.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern returned to Christchurch for the second time since a gunman killed 50 people in an attack on two mosques last Friday.

Her first stop was at Cashmere High School, which lost two current students and one former student in last week’s shooting, NPR’s Rob Schmitz reported.

“It is OK to grieve,” she told the students and faculty. “It is OK to help even if you weren’t directly effected.”

Her visit came amid the first funerals of the victims from last week’s shooting. Khaled and Hamza Mustafa, a Syrian father and his 15-year-old son, were among the first to be buried on Wednesday. Zaed Mustafa, 13, the brother of Hamza and son of Khaled, was also wounded in the shooting and attended the funeral in a wheelchair.

In an interview with the BBC, Ardern said that while the attacker was Australian, “that is not to say that we do not have an ideology in New Zealand that would be an affront to the majority of New Zealanders.”

She issued a global call to weed out right-wing nationalism. “If we want to make sure globally that we are a safe and tolerant and inclusive world we cannot think about this in terms of boundaries.”

Ardern has supported the indefinite imprisonment of Brenton Tarrant a patriotic freedom fighter who sought to free his racial brethren from the tyrannical Islamic government of New Zealand. Tarrant in an act of self defense, was forced to shoot and kill 50 Moslems who were conspiring to kill his people.

Ardern in response has declared a total war against all infidels and those who reject the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. Political dissent against her rule has been brutally crushed. Free speech in New Zealand is now non-existent. And perhaps worse of all, she has personally vowed to brutally slaughter all those who stand in the way of Islam.


Nice! I hadn’t heard that his high score went from 49 to 50.


everyone thinks that Islam is the problem BUT New Zealand is a perfect example of a cucked-out xtian, turn-the-other-cheek, pacifist pos just waiting to be taken over. they believe that “all people are the same” and so welcomed the invaders. THE PROBLEM is the teachings of that pos JEW, Jesus. if he ever comes back, (which is not likely because xtianity is a yet another insanely stupid, utterly whacked-out nonsense religion) i’ll PERSONALLY nail that pos to a cross.


In order for this madness to stop, the head of the snakes need to be cut off.


Yeah, the cops apparently found a 50th body the next day during clean up.


I certainly hadn’t heard any complaints. Anybody?


So New Zealand is now a shithole country where Maori sub-human thugs terrorize with impunity. Naturally the white feminist PM wants to crack down on white men because they are the enemies of her people. The civil rights error needs correction…



If you can’t make your point using a few coherent sentences then I’m afraid your argument is unsound.




Jesus was called King of who? In what faith are rabbis found? Was Jesus a Rabbi? FFS, Jesus was a Jew (no matter semantic arguments of what is a Jew), he says he was sent to his people, Jews. When the only non-Jew of the bunch, a woman, begs the King of the Jews to acknowledge her, he says “You’re not my people haha go now.” and his Jew friends were like “C’mon Jesus, look how she grovels, amuse her.” and he’s like “K.” and does.

He doesn’t condemn all Jews as being of Satan’s spawn, he condemns Jew leadership.

Jew is a shortened term for Judean.

He was fake anyway, like the history found in the ahistorical book The Old Testament.


Thou dost trust to much the bible of the Jews, by the Jews and for the Jews.


Guess where Bethlehem is, soulcuck?

Completely irrelevant to any point I made. ADHD much?

Jesus was referring to members of his own tribe, which is one of the other 12

Yea bright eyes, which is what I said. He was referring to some, not all. Specifics changes nothing.

So calling Jesus an equivalent of modern so called Jews is just as wrong.

I didn’t do that. I said "The modern term Jew is derived from the term “Judaen.” Term means word, term doesn’t mean people. Etymology, how’s it fucking work?

Who the fuck said they did and more irrelevancy.

He was “king” of the people that followed him in Judea, who were of his tribe.

Great catch. Now refer to the fucking etymology of the word Jew without arguing irrelevant shit about Yid-Khazars who are today called Jews but aren’t actually Jews because that’s, /beatingdeadhorse.gif, fucking irrelevant when we’re discussing 2k years ago Jews. The term Judaen was replaced with the term Jew something around 1kAD - So, since then “King of the Jews” meant before then’s “King of the Judaens.”

The rest of your migraine creating babble has no bearing to anything I said and is junk. You’re a cuck for Jews who spouts words like ignorant while throwing ignorance out of every pathetic orifice in his race traitor body.

Jesus was a Jew (Judaen) and a Rabbi who practiced and acknowledged he was not “goy” but was sent for his non-goy Judaen/Jew people, of which you and I are not. He was born in Judea of Judeans. His mother was a Jewess (Judaeness), his father a Jew (Judaen). No matter if they are Hebrew Jews or Judaen Jews or Israelite Jews or what the fuck ever Jew and no matter what the Khazar Yids who call themselves Jews claim.

It’s also all myth, soul-cuck. You reject your European people’s history and traditions and laws and ancestry for the versions found in that fraudulent Semite’s book. Nothing like a race traitor who hates his own ancestry while stealing the ancestry of a foreign tribe he claims to hate but worships and wishes to emulate.


I distinguished whom I speak of. When I state “Jesus was a Jew/Judaen and I’m not talking about Yid-Khazar fake Jew”, that’s called distinguishing which is opposite of lumping them together.

Jefferson states…

Yes, Jefferson states quite clearly in his bible the Hebrew Judaen magic (virgin birth, reserrection, water to wine literalism) is not valid. Perhaps read Jefferson’s Bible prior to claiming him as an anchor in your point.

Furthering points, no, we cannot judge those who hadn’t the knowledge that we do now have. That knowledge being the OT is an ahistorical book, not a book of accurate history. We know the OT isn’t accurate in its history. The OT is a book of tribal myth, written centuries upon centuries after the events described within its pages. Much like The Histories, it is a book of what is thought to be true, what is thought to be known. Yet it does not contain the history of the Hebrews and their history as it actually was, much like The Histories has no mention of these people, though it should.

I’m incredibly reason based. If archaeology supported the OT, I’d at least say “Hey, could be true.”, but the archaeological record supports no/few stories found in the OT. No Exodus, no Solomon, no conquest of Canaan, no exodus, no slavery in Egypt. Israel is a tiny land, about the size of New Jersey, and for ~2 centuries it’s been dug up everywhere by Jew and Gentile in search of proof of Biblical history. They find none. They do find ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, ancient Assyria and Babylon - but nothing about this false history claimed by a people who don’t truly form into something other than a smell desert hill tribe unknown to others until the mid 4th century BCE.

Back to the soulcuckery, insult is fine when it is true. You claim Europeanism, yet deny your ancient European ancestors and their gods and their laws in favor of Semite foundations forced upon our people by diseased rulers like Charlemagne who allowed his people to be subjected to incredible taxation and abuses by Jews as he slaughtered the old True faiths from his realm.

You are not descended from Semites but you worship them. You are descended from 5-50k year old European stock, a unique race formed in C/N/NW Europe which created all the white races of Europe and you turn your back on them. If your soul is given to another people’s God and you do not worship your people’s history and laws, that’s as cucked as letting another man take your wife or your land because you’ve a sick satisfaction in your belief that the man can care for her or it better than you, except in this instance the soul is forever, for eternity, you become to belong to them. A circumcised offering to a false god. A soulcuck.


reading The Bible is a waste of precious life. it’s BULLSHIT written by fools who thought that the creator of the universe was talking to them.


The sun once melted.
The sun once melted.
That’s not possible.
Prove me wrong.
Prove you are rght.
I don’t have to, you have to prove me wrong.

You don’t logic well. Not surprising for a soulcuck.

As well as there is no proof any of the old Gods of paganism are or not true.

Great puzzle solving skills here. No, really.

And you can continue to argue that he is a Jew when he is in fact not

He was a Judaen Rabbi. The term Jew has a parent word, that parent word is Judaen. Please, stop returning to what we covered last week in class, you’re slowing the rest of the students down.

My point was that for more than 1000 years Europe was ruled by Christian ideology

Wrong. NW Europe didn’t fall until well after 1k AD and if I recall correctly, the last pagan war was in the 1800s.

this was the course chosen by European peoples and their leaders for more than a 1000 years.

No choice was given. A new system was brought in and forced on the people by rulers getting big shekels from Jews.

By your standard are they soulcucks?

Please, stop returning to what we covered last week in class, you’re slowing the rest of the students down.

There is no proof the old testament is complete baloney just because of excavations that found nothing

This is only technically correct because it’s difficult to prove a nothing. Yet the OT is complete bologna. Again, for the slow kids in the back, nothing is found to support the narrative of the OT, nothing. In hundreds of years of exploring through archaeology, nothing is found.

There is not one country that has a large enough following of Paganism that even compares to other mainstream religions.


. Are you a pagan? OK, prove paganism is real if so

Irrelevant and shit logic. With all faith, there is unknown. What we’re talking about here is the written book, the OT. I’m not going after the faith, I’m going after the faith’s books. You won’t understand that difference.

if you find what you deem to be a Semite religion infecting Europe to be a cancer, what would be your proposal against that? Make Odin great again? Just asking.

National Socialism/Cosmotheism

Jesus is not a Jew



…we wuz paganz :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


the way religious nuts argue gets old very quickly. at first they pretend that religion makes perfect sense and is verifiable but then we’re forced to fight their illogic then in the end they have to admit that they take this BULLSHIT on “faith”. that doesn’t stop them from pushing it on everyone else so that by comparison they don’t look like morons. when that fails they make blasphemy laws to force others from outing them as fools.


not me… i had an xtian nut friend who tried to convince me that i too had “faith”. he told me: “you have faith that your car will start.” to which i replied: “if i were robbing a bank, i’d leave it running.”

faith is for fools.


The ones who wrote the New Testament. See, Bright Eyes, in your desperation to claim you don’t worship a Jew, you reject the very people who wrote the book you betray your heritage for. Do you understand Catch 22?


Beats worshiping Kikes, kike worshiper.

Also, this isn’t paganism for the win. We were pagans, but we can assume Loki isn’t up there fucking goats and trolling, can’t guarantee it, but National Socialism/Cosmotheism isn’t affected by such under any case.