New Call of Duty® Game® Is Pure® ZOG Propaganda® – Russian Gas Attacks®, White Helmets®, The Whole Deal


“In fact, it appears that the game takes place in a clownpilled anti-reality.”
We already live in a clownpilled anti-reality, the world have literally become a gigantic open mental hospital.
In my time a magic woman was called a witch, i’m tired of fugly Mary-Sue. Burn the witch!

Warfare games have always been utter shit anyway.


I prefer Oblivion and Skyrim.


I like more japanese games! the only recent western game who’s great is Days Gone, it’s the most redpilled game of the year about the federal.


Retro Final Fantasy games are some of my fondest childhood memories. Final Fantasy Tactics was my favorite childhood game.


I like Final Fantasy VII and VII, they have the best plot, after that the rest of the franchise can get dump into trash. Persona 3 and Xenosaga are my favorite JRPG too along with Bravely Default.


I like survival games Fallout 3 is a classic can replay that game dozens of times and still have fun.


Fallout is not really my thing, the ghouls gross me out. But i’d like to play to the first two.


Yeah it’s not for everyone my first time playing it I hated it and couldn’t figure anything out little did I know that game would be a huge time killer and a personal favorite.


I never could enjoy any survival game mainly because of zombies who disgust me, Days Gone is the first one than i like because zombies are monstrous but not gross.
Did you play to Metal Gear also ?


I tried playing Metal Gear but couldn’t get into it the soundtrack and noises in the game were badass especially when you get caught but I was terrible at it and had a short attention span for it therefore I gave up on it.


I see…
I should really begin to play to Mass Effect series one day, it stuck on my computer but i never touch it.


I never tried mass effect I recently played Resident Evil 6 it wasn’t too bad definitely a lot easier compared to previous Resident Evil Games before it.


:slight_smile::yum::kissing::kissing_closed_eyes:I am so excited by the release of Cyberpunk 2077. With the poles i could finally create a hot heroine, not like with Polluteware who want to force me to create fugly hoes. I have see few videos of The Witcher 3 on PewDiePie channel two months ago and it was very good, i will take it, along with reading the original novels. Easterners are the hope of the western video game industry.


I haven’t heard of that will look it up thanks you ever hear of angry goy 2 ?


Mass effect was a series i played in reverse. Highly enjoyable.


Nope i’ve never heard of this game. What’s that ?


Did you play to Dragon Age series also ?


It’s a cool game they have the picture of Sam Hyde with the MP5 in the menu you go around killing Jews and non-whites apparently I have not played it yet but heard good things of it.


It’s like a sort of Ethnic Cleasing but with jews on it so.


No not dragon age…