Neocons Lash Out As Iran Boosts Uranium Enrichment


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The neocons hired by Trump are lashing out against Iran after they announced that they would be boosting their uranium enrichment. The fat Zionist lunatic Mike Pompeo went to Twitter to attack Iran for being the alleged top sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Iran's regime has taken new steps to advance its nuclear ambitions. Once again, the regime uses its nuclear program to extort the international community and threaten regional security. The world’s top sponsor of terrorism can never be allowed to enrich uranium at any level.

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) July 1, 2019

Yeah, actually the top sponsors of global terrorism are Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States you retard.

And then we have fellow Zionist lunatic John Bolton claiming that this is proof that Iran is developing a nuclear bomb.

There is no reason for Iran to increase its enrichment unless it’s part of an effort to reduce the breakout time to produce nuclear weapons.

— John Bolton (@AmbJohnBolton) July 1, 2019

It’s hilarious that these assholes are expecting Iran to abide by a deal that they decided to tear up. Even though the original deal probably wasn’t a great one, it is absurd to criticize Iran for ramping up their enrichment. Why shouldn’t they ramp up their enrichment? The United States withdrew from the deal that limited their enrichment activities so now they have no incentive to place any limits.

And the thing is, there has been zero evidence presented showing that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. The uranium enrichment is for energy purposes. All the United States is doing by applying sanctions and threatening war is putting Iran in a position where they’ll be more likely to pursue a nuclear weapon.

Quite frankly though, I don’t give a shit if Iran gets a nuclear weapon. Iran has followed the rules of the International Atomic Energy Agency and allowed inspections of their facilities. We also have countries like India and Pakistan that are filled with low IQ brown people who have nuclear weapons.

But guess what country has around 400 nuclear weapons but has refused to sign on to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty? That country is Israel.

I’m much more concerned about Israel having nuclear weapons than Iran. Those crazy Zionist kikes would use certainly choose to use them if Israel were in danger of crumbling.

The only reason we are seeing this level of harassment against Iran is because they are Israel’s arch-nemesis in the region. Even if they were able to acquire nuclear weapons, they do not represent any sort of military threat to the United States. This whole fiasco proves that Pompeo, Bolton and these other neocon fucktards are representing the interests of Israel and not the interests of America.