Neocon Rag Weekly Standard Likely to Shut Down


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There’s numerous reports including this one from Vox talking about how the Weekly Standard might not be able to continue operations much longer. Some reports are suggesting that it could be shut down as early as December 14th.

It is not a surprise to see that they’ve lost numerous subscribers after Trump’s election in 2016. Most of the people associated with it were full blown anti-Trump or sided politically with Democrats.

The Weekly Standard was partially founded in the 1990s by the evil neocon Jew Bill Kristol. It is a relic of the Bush 43 era when it pushed all sorts of insane propaganda telling the American people how virtuous it was to fight endless wars for Jews and Israel.

It is good to see that this operation is no longer financially viable. It means that we are winning and that this horrible brand of fake conservative politics is dying if not dead.


The Semitic Standard NEVER made any money, it was just used to promote jew supremacist propaganda. The Atlantic and The Economist are two other shit-tier jew rags that need to be shoah’ed.


The National Review ranks somewhere in there also.


About time billy crystal gets crystalized for his obama loving, lying, sack of shit self.


All printed papers are dying and only propped up by boomers and jews. For strickly Globalist reasons.


Kristol is looking more and more jewish with each passing decade. their faces are so fucked-up… it’s no wonder that their wifes are out fucking goyim.


Fat Fuck Kristol extols the virtues of mud people: hard working, willing to do jobs Americans refuse to do, law abiding ad nauseum. I say good riddance to his ragsheet and I wish he would go with it into oblivion.