Negroids Charged With Lynching


well, isn’t this a change. niggers being charged for lynching. apparently the national “lynching” laws are rather broad but definitely appropriate under these circumstances.

the five gangbanging “higaboos” ( that’s a hispanic jigaboo ) robbed and murdered a guy and now face federal “lynching” charges. the federal legal definition of “a lynching” is surprising given how vague the law reads and the fact that it must have survived intact after numerous court challenges. …

”Any act of violence by a mob upon the body of any person, which shall result in the death of such person, shall constitute a “lynching.”

this law must have been written by a stupid, negro lawmaker. lol…

so these higaboos now face hard-time in a fed prison for robbing and murdering someone as a mob.

by our own government standards, BushCo are guilty of 3000 lynchings on 9/11. too bad they won’t live long enough to serve their time…


This story certainly doesn’t fit the narrative. I’m surprised it hasn’t already disappeared down the memory hole.


no, certainly not. lol… that Fed definition of “a lynching” is idiotic so let me be the first to rewrite this law to the original spirit and letter. (hopefully some congressmen are reading here and will adopt this language into a new law as it’s a far sight more honest than the stupid law on the books )

THIS should be the legal definition of “a lynching”;

----a lynching shall constitute a white mob dragging a black dude (guilty or not) to the nearest big oak and stringing him up by the neck until dead. afterwards they all take black & white pics of themselves with the deceased—

it will not be considered a true lynching under the law UNLESS the participants have black and white pics taken of themselves next to the lifeless, hanging negro. this is very important…


Anything they do can be explained away by racism. Reminds me of that recent story of the black guy getting away with killing a white man because he called him a nigger.